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July 1, 2006
Diesel-Fueled Generator sets Caterpillar Inc. introduces a new line of diesel-fueled generator sets in the 2-MW to 4-MW power range. It is powered by

Diesel-Fueled Generator sets

Caterpillar Inc. introduces a new line of diesel-fueled generator sets in the 2-MW to 4-MW power range. It is powered by the new Cat C175 centerline engine — the first to offer up to 4 MW of power in a single high-speed package. Incorporating Caterpillar ACERT technology, it provides emissions compliance without sacrificing power density or fuel economy. Models include 12, 16 and 20 cylinders with respective 64-, 85- and 106-liter displacements.
Caterpillar Inc. |


Hubbell introduces its new Delivery Systems Product Guide, designed to meet the needs of contractors, engineers, distributors and end-user customers by featuring all delivery-systems products plus the power, data and audio/video (A/V) accessories necessary to complete the system.

Included in the guide are sections highlighting metallic and nonmetallic Raceway systems; floor boxes and fire-rated poke throughs, including Hubbell's new SystemOne product line; raised access floor boxes, including Hubbell's Connexion Zone modular distribution system; multiconnect recessed wall boxes, service poles, and power, data, voice, and A/V accessories including specifiable power products such as AUTOGUARD Self-Test GFCIs, surge and TwistLock devices.
Hubbell |

WIND Turbines

WindRIDE-THRU from GE Energy allows wind turbines to remain in operation (rather than trip off-line) during a 100% voltage drop. Providing a sophisticated, integrated and user-friendly solution to proposed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) grid requirements for greater reliability, the WindRIDE-THRU feature does not require any third-party add-on equipment.

GE's WindRIDE-THRU feature allows wind turbines to stay on-line and feed reactive power to the electric grid through major system disturbances. In addition, this feature is now offered in two standard packages: low-voltage ride-thru (LVRT) and zero-voltage ride-thru (ZVRT). The ZVRT package is compliant with the proposed 2008 FERC requirements.

The initial offerings of this product are for 60-Hz projects, largely in North America. The ability to ride through a 100% voltage dip (zero voltage) is expected to become a FERC grid requirement for 2008 wind projects. However, a 50-Hz version also will be developed, since European countries are adopting similar ZVRT requirements.
GE Energy |

System Developer KIT

The PowerModule PM1000 System Developer Kit (SDK) from American Superconductor Corp. speeds and simplifies the development of power-conversion systems used in a variety of applications such as wind and solar farms, fuel cells for stationary and mobile applications, variable-speed motor drives and energy storage.

The PowerModule PM1000 SDK reduces or eliminates the time normally devoted to building a power-conversion system. It also decreases development costs, improves product development cycles and shortens time to market.

The PM1000 SDKs are available for 480-Vac and 690-Vac applications, as well as for air- and liquid-cooled applications. All kits contain one or more PM1000 power converters and the tools necessary to program and configure the converters for the application or product under development. A personal computer-based PowerModule graphical user interface (GUI)allows users to easily modify one or more PM1000 power converters to meet specific power- conversion requirements.
American Superconductor Corp.


ERITECH Ground Rod Clamps from ERICO provide a cost-effective method for connecting conductors to ground rods or rebar. The improved ERITECH CP58 and CP34 clamps are range taking, and UL and CSA listed. The new CP58 and CP34 clamps reduce stocking requirements and inventory needs.

ERITECH CP58 Ground Rod Clamps are now UL and CSA listed for ½-inch and ⅝-inch ground rods and #4 rebar. The CP58 clamps are designed to accept a conductor range from #10 solid to #2 stranded.

ERITECH CP34 Ground Rod Clamps are UL and CSA listed for ½-, ⅝- and ¾-inch ground rods and a conductor range of #10 to 1/0 wire. Both the CP58 and the CP34 clamps are designed to withstand a minimum torque of 300 inches/lb.


Specifically engineered and tested for use in electrical power apparatus, Dow Corning 561 Silicone Transformer Liquid is a nonsludging, low-viscosity liquid with good high-temperature capabilities, excellent dielectric properties and low flammability. The heat-stable coolant features greater thermal stability and oxidation resistance than mineral oils. It performs reliably outdoors and indoors, and can be used near buildings where hydrocarbon fluids may present a fire hazard. Essentially nontoxic, Dow Corning 561 Silicone Transformer Liquid meets the requirements of IEC 836 and ASTM D 4652-92. At the end of its useful life, 561 Silicone Transformer Liquid can usually be recycled.
Dow Corning |


Maysteel now offers custom-engineered medium-voltage harmonic filter banks for power factor improvement and harmonic mitigation. Maysteel SmartBank units provide capacitive reactive power ratings up to 30 MVAR in a single enclosure, making them applicable for a wide variety of industrial, commercial or utility requirements.

Both padmount and metal-enclosed designs are offered, with a choice of harmonic filter capacitor units and reactors. Units are typically assembled, wired and tested before shipment, but can be field-assembled if desired. SmartBank units are available in fixed or automatically switched designs with up to 15 filter steps. System voltages range from 2.4 kV rms to 34.5 kV rms. The units meet or exceed ANSI, IEEE, NEC, NESC and other applicable standards.
Maysteel |


Corning Cable Systems' Total Access Program (TAP) provides qualified design, engineering, furnishing and installation companies with the tools necessary to ensure successful fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments. Certified TAP members receive all-inclusive access to Corning's innovative and reliable FTTH solutions. After completing specialized training in the installation of optical access networks, TAP members are able to offer their customers up to a 10-year extended product warranty on complete Corning FTTH solutions (drop cables and assemblies carry a three-year warranty).

MasTec Inc. is the newest member of TAP. With more than 30 years of experience, MasTec has been selected repeatedly to engineer, design, construct and maintain advanced fiber-optic, copper and coax networks. MasTec provides its customers with quality networks that carry voice, video, data and Internet services to their end users.
Corning Cable Systems


Phoenix Contact's newest surge protector provides reliable protection for PROFIBUS systems, even in the smallest spaces. At just 35 mm high, the D-UFB-PB is ideal for use in the latest generation of Siemens PLCs.

The D-UFB-PB is designed for PROFIBUS-DP applications with data rates up to 12 mbps. Surge protection is integrated into the fieldbus connector, saving space. The PROFIBUS cable connects directly to the surge protector, so there is no need for an additional protective device to be installed to the PROFIBUS connector.

The nine-position D-SUB plug combines a reliable surge-protection circuit with an easy-to-install screw clamp terminal block, color coded for termination of PROFIBUS cables. The termination resistor is easily activated with a slide switch at the connector, saving installation and startup time.
Phoenix Contact


Hastings announces the arrival of its new Hotline Tools and Equipment Catalog. The catalog is a complete listing of all products available from Hastings. This is the Electrical Distributors Product reference guide. All products featured in this directory have corresponding datasheets outlining product offerings, benefits, capacities and ordering information.

To receive your copy of the Hotline Tool and Equipment Catalog, visit and enter code: HFGP1 in the comments field.

Hastings manufactures the original Tel-O-Pole telescoping hot stick and many other patented products.
Hastings |


S&C has extended its time-proven-reliable Alduti-Rupter Switch product line with a new 69-kV model. When equipped with an LS-2 Switch Operator and Model 5801 Automatic Switch Control with IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System, the new Alduti-Rupter Switch provides fully automated transmission line switching.

Although problems on transmission lines occur less frequently than at lower voltages, outages are very extensive because multiple substations and feeders are affected. IntelliTEAM II can minimize the duration of service disruption for tens of thousands of customers and improve reliability statistics.

Springfield Electric Department (Springfield, Tennessee, U.S.) recently installed two 69-kV Alduti-Rupter Switches in an IntelliTEAM II system. The associated Model 5801 controls communicate via UtiliNet WanGate Radios and have been configured to provide automatic source-transfer operation after the preferred-source breaker experiences a second trip. Overcurrent-lockout logic blocks source-transfer operation in the event of a fault between the switches.
S&C Electric Co. |


Distribution Control Systems Inc.'s (DCSI's) Electronic Metering Transponder — eXpanded Memory (EMT-XM) — modules for the Landis + Gyr FOCUS and General Electric I-210 meters preserve the features and benefits of the existing EMT modules, while providing enhancements that make the XM versions more flexible and powerful.

The XM family's eXpanded addressing feature, when used for outage detection and assessment, increases transponder grouping capacity from 64 meters to 256 meters, using a flexible group addressing scheme for simultaneous readings. Support for groups of 256 meters also requires DCSI's AMIgo components, including Multiple Input Receiver Assembly (MIRA) and Outage Assessment System (OASys) 3.0.

Each XM transponder also includes additional in-module Memory to store seven days of daily time-coherent Net and Reverse readings, to better support bidirectional metering, and seven days of hourly interval data, to enhance support for TOU and Critical Peak Pricing. The XM also adds built-in peak demand measurement with the ability to calculate demand using 15- or 30-minute fixed blocks, and an autonomous daily and monthly (billing cycle) self-read feature. On the cycle date, the transponder captures consumption and demand data, and performs an automatic demand reset.

Tamper detection, Demand Response and DCSI's OASys functionalities are all enhanced and strengthened with the installation of XM transponders, in conjunction with the other AMIgo system components.


With the introduction of its line of Type A nonmetallic flexible conduit, Thomas & Betts is offering a selection of both connectors and conduit for flexible, liquidtight applications. T&B Fittings Type A Liquidtight Connectors and Conduit are designed for applications with continuous flexing, vibration and corrosive environments.

The conduit is constructed of a flexible PVC cover with a woven nylon web bonded to a smooth and seamless flexible PVC inner core. In addition to being flame retardant and oil, mild acid and ultraviolet resistant, the nylon mesh-reinforced PVC construction enables the conduit to retain its original shape, even after being compressed. With no metal core, the conduit resists fatigue from flexing and vibration.

Type A liquidtight conduit is available in sizes from ⅜ inch to 2 inches, and operates in temperatures ranging from -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F). In addition to Type A liquidtight conduit, T&B Fittings include a selection of Type A liquidtight connectors. Each connector is a ferrous construction with a nylon-insulated throat, and includes a Santoprene sealing gasket with a 316 stainless-steel retaining ring that ensures a NEMA LT seal.
Thomas & Betts Corp. |


Telvent announces the release of Titanium2, the second version of the company's Titanium software, for use with the Telvent Metering System (TMS) platform for automatic energy measurement, which is based on Echelon Corp.'s Networked Energy Services (NES) system. With the release of Titanium2, energy companies can use a Web-based application to administer all aspects of their AMR infrastructure including: installation of meter and data concentrator software; execution of orders to obtain data from meters and concentrators, and configuration thereof; management of system incidents (events and alarms); configuration of hourly and daily readings and their storage in a database; and management of user access to the system.
Telvent |

HAND LINE BLOCK and Bolt Cutters

Chance has introduced a new hand line block with a safety-orange fiberglass-reinforced nylon body and sheave. Rated for a 1000-lb (454 kgs) working load, it weighs only 1.25 lbs (0.57 kgs) and features a 3-inch (76-mm)-diameter sheave to accept up to ⅜-inch (16-mm)-diameter rope. The side-opening design includes a high-strength detent-ball pin with a lanyard retainer, a 360-degree swivel eye and forged hook with ¾-inch (19-mm) opening and spring-loaded safety latch. Catalog No. PSC4033478.

Chance has also introduced bolt cutters with ⅜-inch (9.5-mm) capacity for high-tensile steel bolts and chain links. At 5 lbs (2.4 kgs) and 24 inches (610 mm) long overall, they feature center-cut heads on 16- by 1.25-inch (406- by 31.75-mm) Epoxiglas handles with vinyl hand grips. Catalog No. PSC4033475.
Hubbell Power Systems

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