Oct. 1, 2002
Submersible Electrical Products Every connector, plug and receptacle in Duraline's catalog is FM rated IP68 to provide complete protection against dust

Submersible Electrical Products

Every connector, plug and receptacle in Duraline's catalog is FM rated IP68 to provide complete protection against dust and allow for continuous submersion in up to 6 ft (1.8 m) of water when they are capped or mated. Duraline's expertly engineered products are factory mutual tested and approved, exceed OSHA and NEMA requirements, and are suitable for IEC Class IP67 and NEMA Class 6 applications.

Duraline electrical products are available from 1 to 1200 A, 12 to 5000 V, and can be fitted with up to 20 contacts. All Duraline products are designed to reduce downtime and eliminate GFI system problems.

Duraline, 75 Hoffman Lane, Islandia, New York 11749 U.S.
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Compression Grounding System

FCI-BURNDY Products' Hyground Irreversible Compression Grounding System consists of connectors for cross-grid connections, taps, splices, cable to ground rod, ground plates and terminations.

Comprised of extrusions, rod and seamless tubing that are pure wrought copper, the Hyground system's material is identical to that of the conductor, eliminating the possibility of corrosion due to dissimilar metals and maximizing electrical integrity. The heavy-duty design allows the connectors to have an equivalent or greater current-carrying capacity than the conductor while maintaining high mechanical strength. Most of BURNDY's Hyground irreversible compression elements are prefilled with PENETROX® oxide-inhibiting compound, and are individually sealed in a clear polyethylene sheet to ensure that all contact surfaces are in proper condition ready for installation.

BURNDY's Hyground system meets the most stringent safety and performance requirements, including NEC code, IEEE 837, UL 467, UL 96-81 and NFPA Lighting Protection Code. Its nonhazardous process installation is extremely safe, as it does not produce heat or dangerous process chemicals, eliminating the need for protective equipment or clothing.

FCI Electrical, 47 East Industrial Park Dr., Manchester, New Hampshire 03108 U.S.
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Distribution Protection Relay

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL) announces new functions for the SEL-351A Relay, an economical and feature-rich distribution feeder overcurrent protection relay. The SEL-351A Relay provides electric utility, industrial and commercial protection designers with advanced monitoring, communications and protection functions previously available only in more expensive relays.

New features include software-selectable potential transformer (PT) connections input, timesaving Connectorized® terminal connections, and optional directional ground protection for Petersen Coil grounded, impedance grounded, and ungrounded power systems.

The new software-selectable PT connections input provides the capability to apply the SEL-351A relay to either wye- or delta-connected potential transformers, which simplifies the selection of relay models and minimizes the need to inventory a variety of spare relay models. Connectorized SEL relays offer the advantage of robust connections while minimizing installation and replacement time.

The SEL-351A relay can be specified with the SEL Best Choice Ground Directional Element System, providing for all types of system grounding practices in one relay model: directional control for Petersen Coil grounded, high-impedance grounded, low-impedance (directional SEF) grounded, and ungrounded power systems.

The SEL-351A Relay includes flexible integration functions that allow this relay to be applied to larger substation integration and automation projects. Four serial communications ports enable remote metering and control of system functions and settings via PC for added efficiency and security. A Sequential Events Recorder logs all changes of state within the relay logic elements, providing system engineers with valuable data regarding events and conditions leading up to the events. The SEL-351A event reports provide an oscillographic record of abnormal events, enabling engineers to quickly see what happened. An intelligent breaker monitor keeps track of the number of breaker operations, together with total interrupted current and contact wear by pole, allowing users to schedule timely breaker maintenance based on estimated breaker wear.

The SEL-351A has an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F) and is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc., 2350 NE Hopkins Ct., Pullman, Washington 99163-5603 U.S.
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On-line Monitoring System

Eaton Corp.'s Cutler-Hammer Business unit offers the InsulGard G2 system, an on-line continuous testing tool designed to monitor insulation integrity on large power transformer bushings.

Changes in bushing capacitance and power factor are indicative of insulation deterioration. The Cutler-Hammer InsulGard G2 is non-invasive and detects these changes by summarizing and balancing the currents of a three-phase bushing set. Requiring no outages, InsulGard G2 continuously monitors the attached equipment signaling an alarm if an imbalance is detected. The InsulGard G2 system also provides for the periodic testing of partial discharges, indicative of insulation breakdowns.

Eaton Corp. Cutler-Hammer, 5421 Feltl Rd., Suite 190, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343 U.S.
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Personal Voltage Detectors

HD Electric Co.'s V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector is a device worn by workers who may be in danger of contacting an energized electrical service. The unit operates by sensing the electric field surrounding high-voltage electrical equipment by sounding an audible alarm with flashing lights, which increase in frequency as the user approaches the source. Two models are available: the V-Watch features audible and visual alarms, a low-battery indicator, built-in self-test, belt clip and soft carrying case; and the V-Watch Pro has all the same features and also includes a mute button to silence the audible alarm for several minutes.

HD Electric Co., 1475 Lakeside Dr., Waukegan, Illinois 60085 U.S.
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One Bolt Parallel Connector

Harger Lightning & Grounding introduces the 1BC one bolt parallel connector. This new design uses a pressed-in bolt technology, which provides for a smooth, flat installation surface as well as superior ease of installation. The connector also accepts a wider range of conductors from #6 AWG through 40-28 lightning conductors. The 1BC connector is available in bronze, aluminum and electro tin-plated bronze.

Harger Lightning & Grounding, 301 Ziegler Dr., Grayslake, Illinois 60030 U.S.
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Lay-in Transformer Connectors

ILSCO announces its new UTILCO USGL series of lay-in transformer connectors, which feature easy lay-in installation of aluminum or copper conductors. Benefits are a faster and safer cable connection resulting from reduced cable manipulation during installation. Fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to ensure strength and conductivity, the new USGL series from UTILCO is clear plated for low contact resistance. The single piece, compact design is engineered for better heat dissipation, is fully tested to ANSI C119.4, and is range taking.

ILSCO, 4730 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 U.S.
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Data Warehousing Product

Open Systems International Inc. (OSI) announces the release of its OpenHRS (Historical Recording System) product for archiving massive amounts of real-time information. OpenHRS is a standards-based product that runs in a stand-alone node or as part of the OSI monarch SCADA platform.

OpenHRS provides for sampling and archival periods as fast as two seconds for real-time or calculated data. Large volumes of data can be supported at this high sampling frequency. OpenHRS uses exception processing, as well as efficient data sampling and compression algorithms to minimize disk storage requirements for a massive amount of data. The historian database uses a real-time relational format with a full SQL and ODBC support for data access and reporting. A graphical user interface provides for access of data in graphical, trend and table format.

OpenHRS competes with similar high-capacity historians on the market in terms of functionality, but exceeds in technical capabilities as it can run on several different hardware platforms including Unix, Linux® and Windows®, while supporting a full relational environment as opposed to a proprietary architecture.

Open Systems International Inc., 3600 Holly Lane North, Suite 40, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55447-1286 U.S.
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Thermal Transfer Printers

The Nelco TT-1000 Wire Marking Thermal Transfer Printer features Texit® Label Software 4.0 for Windows® that produces permanent heat-shrinkable polyolefin sleeves and panel, wire, and cable markers. Providing 200 dpi resolution, it can print and serialize alphanumeric messages and graphics on markers up to 4.5-inch (11-cm) wide and import data from a variety of file types.

Compatible with files such as Excel, Lotus and Foxpro, and BMP, GIF and JPEG graphics, the Nelco TT-1000 lets users produce custom identification markers in-house. Markers are available with 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratios and meet MIL-23053/5 specifications.

Nelco Products Inc., 22 Riverside Dr., Pembroke, Massachusetts 02359 U.S.
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New Web Site

Russelectric launches its new Web site: The fast-loading site describes Russelectric's high-integrity power control systems and equipment, which are designed to meet the stringent performance and reliability requirements of computer, communications, health care and other critical facilities. Users can download detailed product information, specifications and drawings, or order hard copy product literature with an online order form.

Russelectric Inc., South Shore Park, 99 Industrial Park Rd., Hingham, Massachusetts 02043-4387 U.S.
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Transformer Control

Dynamic Ratings introduces the new DRMCC-T2 product (Dynamic Rating, Monitoring, Communication and Control), providing it's customers with the ability to load transformers 10% to 20% higher and with greater confidence compared to a static thermal rating. Instead of “flying blind” when operating close to limits, the dynamic rating function provides timely and accurate information as to what the temperatures are at any given moment and what they will be in the upcoming minutes and hours.

The DRMCC system provides a complete control solution for medium and large power transformers, all in one device. Monitoring is provided for single- or three-phase amps and volts, watts, VARs, frequency, tap position, ambient, oil temperature, winding hot spot, tap changer status, LTC diagnostics, cooler status, online DGA and moisture-in-oil. Control is provided for both cooling and LTC operation. Cooling control is provided for up to four cooling stages. OnLoad TapChanger control includes built-in paralleling control with circulating current, master follower, VAR sharing and reverse reactance all included. Communication features include RS-232, RS-485, fiber optic and optional 10 base T. Protocols include DNP 3.0, Modbus, Hayes and TCP/IP.

Dynamic Ratings Inc., N59 W14339 Bobolink Ave., Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051 U.S.
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Rolling Motor and Tube Expander Kits

ESCO Tool's line of rolling motor and tube expander kits that can be customized to user requirements for fabricating and maintaining boilers, heat exchangers and condensers.

ESCO MILLHOG® Rolling Motor and Tube Expander Kits are designed to accurately control tube expansion and create a tight mechanical seal between a tube O.D. and the tube sheet. They include a choice of rolling motor types, custom-sized tube expanders from 0.375 to 4.5 inches (0.95 to 11 cm) O.D., hose whip with an in-line air filter, oiler, wrenches and operating instructions.

ESCO Tool, a Unit of Esco Technologies Inc., P.O. Box 530, Medfield, Massachusetts 02052 U.S.
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Color Cord Grip Series

Cooper Crouse-Hinds® innovation takes the identification tags and confusion out of working with cord grip. The new CG Color Cord Grip Series features universal standards of color-coding by diameter for quick and easy identification with brightly color-coded neoprene bushings in green, yellow, purple, blue, red and orange.

Used with a portable cord, these watertight fittings provide a means for passing a cord into an enclosure and provide pullout protection for the cord while ensuring a secure connection. They protect conductors from mechanical damage due to vibration and movement while sealing out oils, coolants, water and dust in nonhazardous locations.

The color-coded bushings are made of Neoprene and are available in straight, 45- and 90-degree entrance configurations. Their compact design permits close spacing of fittings on panel applications. The electrogalvanized steel and electrogalvanized malleable iron components are certified at UL standard 514B and CSA Standard C22.2 No. 18.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds, P.O. Box 4999, Syracuse, New York 13221 U.S.
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Core Spatial Technology Software

GE Network Solutions announces the release of its Smallworld Core Spatial Technology revision 3.3 software product.

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology provides an open, proven, spatial application engine that forms the foundation for Smallworld industry applications. This latest release extends the current product offering by addressing key requirements received directly from customer feedback. Features include improved usability, extended plotting functionality and continued commitment to support the latest mainstream technologies, such as Oracle®.

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology 3.3 now features a familiar Windows-style user interface, providing more information about the user's view of the world and greater functionality from toolbars and icons. Because the software is easier use, the time and cost of training new users is reduced and productivity of existing users is increased.

GE Power Systems, 4200 Wildwood Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30339 U.S.
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Ground Resistance Clamp Meter

IDEAL INDUSTRIES Inc. releases the 780 Series Ground Resistance Clamp Meter, which enables electricians to measure ground rod resistance without the hassle of auxiliary rods.

Designed for conducting field surveys, the 780 Series Ground Resistance Clamp Meter features jaws that clamp directly around a ground rod for direct reading of ground resistance from 0.01 to 1500 Ω, as well as the direct measurement of ground leakage current up to 15 A. The IDEAL 780 Series offers the added benefits of auto ranging, an audible indication in excess of 40 Ω, an open jaw indicator and data hold.

IDEAL Industries Inc., Becker Place, Sycamore, Illinois 60178 U.S.
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Service to Estimate and Extend Life of Transmission Lines

With the nation's electric power utilities under pressure to build more and larger transmission lines to meet ever-growing demand, EPRIsolutions announces a new service that allows utilities to accurately define the current performance of a line, identify means to extend the life of a line, and identify reserve capacity of their existing transmission lines at minimal cost.

In performing this service, EPRIsolutions experts inspect the customer's transmission line, gather line performance history, work with the customer to collect key component samples, test these components (both mechanically and electrically) and analyze all of this information to produce an estimate of line life, along with the associated risk of continued operation. In cases where minor modifications may extend the life of the transmission line or increase its capacity significantly, EPRIsolutions experts identify the work that needs to be done to achieve maximum benefit.

EPRIsolutions, 3412 Hillview Ave., Palo Alto, California 94304 U.S.
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Energy Management Software

Power Measurement releases the ION Enterprise 4.0 energy management software featuring WebReach.

WebReach enables ION Enterprise users to access meter events, waveforms, data logs and real-time system information from any computer with Internet access; it displays information through a standard web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, and requires no additional software or special configuration. With WebReach, users can check on their energy management system from anywhere in the world, plus they can copy and paste data logs from ION Enterprise to other enterprise applications for custom reporting and analysis.

ION Enterprise 4.0 is designed to help energy suppliers, service providers and consumers take charge of the quality, reliability and cost of their electricity. The software offers a unique combination of energy information and control capabilities that can simultaneously address diverse needs ranging from billing, load aggregation and cost allocation, to power-quality management and distributed generation.

Power Measurement, 2195 Keating Cross Rd., Saanichton, British Columbia, Canada V8M 2A5
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GIS Technology

ALSTOM presents OPTIGIS, its latest compact gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). OPTIGIS, which can be used in indoor and outdoor substations up to 145 kV, was designed to meet the market demand for smaller, more reliable GIS. To achieve this, OPTIGIS incorporates several innovations to reduce the number of components and simplify the design, such as a combined circuit breaker and disconnector. It also has a manual maintenance link, which combines the maintenance functions of a disconnector and an earthing switch, and is configured to prevent any misoperation. These two innovations result in a simplified line diagram and architecture, leading to less control equipment and wiring, and consequently, a more compact solution. A complete substation of four or five bays can be delivered to a site in a single standard container.

The OPTIGIS solution is mainly for single busbar and ring bus substations and is suited for utilities. It incorporates the latest technologies, such as electronic instrument transformers, condition monitoring, integrated digital protection and control equipment, and plug-in cable connections and composite bushings.

ALSTOM Transmission & Distribution, Communications Department, 3 Avenue Andre Malraux, 92309 Levallois Perret Cedex, France
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System Intelligent Processing

SynelecUSA announces the availability of its new System Intelligent Processing (SIP), which optimizes Synelec's display devices, controllers and control software to bring increased display quality, extended product life and uptime, and overall system upgradeability.

Displays: Using the latest generation TI DMD 0.7-inch (2-cm) chipset, SIP increases pixel sharpness and image consistency across the entire display wall. Synelec's new color wheel and new projector design delivers better overall image quality for longer periods of time and lamp-life has been upgraded to 9000 hours.

Controllers: Synelec's SIP enhances and ensures controller uptime and capability with improved auto-configuration that automates the process of signal recognition by the controller. In addition, all controllers deliver the image quality and reliability of digital output. SIP also provides full redundancy/failure recovery with parallel processing.

Control Software: SIP also upgrades control software by delivering new “auto color balance” to deliver consistent images across the entire display wall.

SynelecUSA, 100 West Forest Ave., Unit E, Englewood, New Jersey 07631 U.S.
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Rapid Response Team

Post Glover Resistors Inc. introduces a “Rapid Response Team” that guarantees quick delivery.

In response to customer demand for same day and next day shipment of power resistors, Post Glover has added a Rapid Response Team to help the industrial marketplace avoid the high cost of downtime. Post Glover's Rapid Response Team guarantees timely technical information and quick delivery of resistors for those occasions when a piece of equipment or process may be down and cannot get started again until a new resistor arrives on site.

Replacement grid banks for overhead cranes, neutral grounding resistors for protection of power transformers and generators, dynamic braking resistors for Variable Frequency Drives can all be supplied on a same day and next day basis the Rapid Response Team.

Post Glover Resistors Inc., P.O. Box 18666, 167 Gap Way, Erlanger, Kentucky 41018 U.S.
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Toneable Conduit

CommScope introduces its new patent-pending ConQuest® Toneable Conduit to utilities challenged with locating and protecting underground optical infrastructure systems, especially during time-critical emergency restoration situations.

ConQuest Toneable Conduit offers precise detection capabilities using an 18-gauge copper clad steel (CCS) tone wire extruded within a high-density polyethylene conduit wall. The tone wire is coated with moisture-resistant fluoropolymer, which protects the wire from moisture incursion and allows it to be accessed from outside the conduit wall.

CommScope, P.O. Box 1729, Hickory, North Carolina 28603 U.S.
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DCS Controller

SIXNET has created a new breed of open distributed control system, the SixTRAK IPm (ST-IPM Model).

The Linux-based SixTRAK IPm Open DCS Controller can end your dependency on proprietary systems and deliver ever-increasing system performance over time through support for truly open standards. Its powerful communications and advanced programming capabilities make it the perfect solution for your process control, SCADA or DCS application. The Linux operating system is totally transparent to users and most applications require no prior knowledge of Linux.

SIXNET, 331 Ushers Rd., P.O. Box 767, Clifton Park, New York 12065 U.S.
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