Nov. 1, 2001
Electronic Recording Padlock SUPRA Products introduces its TRAC-Padlock as the electronic entry-control device to secure remote sites in the power-utility

Electronic Recording Padlock

SUPRA Products introduces its TRAC-Padlock as the electronic entry-control device to secure remote sites in the power-utility infrastructure. The device is designed for use anywhere a user needs to control access, eliminate keys and track entry into remote substations, switching stations, perimeter gates and control cabinets. TRAC-Padlock is the only electronic recording padlock that tracks both entry and exit.

SUPRA Products, 4001 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem, Oregon 97302 U.S.
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Cut-Out Claw

The Hastings Cut-Out Claw allows linemen to install and remove cut-out fuses from the ground safely and efficiently. The Cut-Out Claw attaches to any telescopic hot stick, and spring tension buttons grip the fuse barrel inside the claw cradle. Once the fuse barrel has landed in the cut-out, a simple wrist-motion will release the spring tension buttons and allow the lineman to proceed with his switching operation.

Hastings Fiberglass, PO Box 218, 770 Cook Rd., Hastings, Michigan 49058-0218 U.S.
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Cable Accessories

Four new products have joined Hubbell Power Systems Inc.'s 600-A product family. The SafeOp Tap Plug taps a 200-A loadbreak interface device off an existing 600-A deadbreak interface. When isolating equipment for repair or removal, the SafeOp bushing well can be used so the grounding elbow never has to be removed. The Loadbreak Reducing Tap Plug (LRTP) instantly taps a 200-A loadbreak interface device off an existing 600-A deadbreak interface. The LRTP is primarily used for grounding and isolating 600-A systems. Hubbell's Insulating Cap isolates unused 600-A interfaces while the Bushing Extension is used to increase the distance between the deadbreak interface and the T-body elbow.

Hubbell Power Systems Inc., 210 N. Allen, Centralia, Missouri 65240 U.S.
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Bird-Perching Deterrent

Eco Electrical Systems Inc.'s bird-perching deterrent has been tested utilizing dry and wet flashover standards. The deterrents are custom-made according to the insulator pin spacing, the insulator diameter, the crossarm brace location and the size of the arm. Additional deterrents can be custom-made for various configurations such as pole mount, heavy arms and horizontal bracket mounts. Testing revealed the arrowhead design provides superior dielectric performance when compared to vertical designs. The extra surface-tracking distance, spacing and clearance to ground the arrowhead provides improves dielectric performance by reducing electrical stress across the surface of the deterrent. This design prevents electrical discharge by offering sufficient clearances and by maximizing the leakage distance to ground. The units are designed to be installed with hot sticks and are available with a silicone high-voltage insulator coating.

Eco Electrical Systems Inc., 7758 Pickering Circle, Reno, Nevada 89511 U.S.
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Non-Insulated Aerial

Time Manufacturing Co.'s Versalift LT-56/62-NE is a telescopic, non-insulated aerial with an end-mounted, rotating steel platform. It has a working height of either 61 or 68 ft (19 or 21 m) and a horizontal reach of 26 ft, 3 inches (8 m, 8 cm) on a Ford F-550. The LT-56/62-NE has all the standard Versalift features, including: units painted prior to assembly, torque striping on critical fasteners, shear ball rotation bearing, dual pin retention and non-lube bearings.

Time Manufacturing Co., 7601 Imperial Dr., PO Box 20368, Waco, Texas 76702-0368 U.S.
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On average, a customer voltage complaint can cost a distribution utility US$40 to US$50. Osprey's Electrocorder, a small voltage recorder with integral plug, can streamline this activity. Using the Electrocorder, GPU Power UK's (previously Midlands Electricity) complaints can now be addressed within 48 hours, and a result, dependent on the status of the supply, is available within 10 days, the average per complaint being US$7. GPU Power UK achieved time and manpower savings by employing the following features of both the Electrocorder and Electrosoft: use of Electrosoft dispatch note printing and database for recorder dispatch documentation; courier dispatch; freepost return address; database tracks inventory and complaint management, allowing the utility to track all recorders in service; report quality graphs and export them to Microsoft Excel.

Osprey Ltd., 42 University Rd., Belfast BT7 1NJ United Kingdom
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Frame Relay Access Device

Data Comm for Business Inc.'s Conitel Broadcast Polling FRAD (BPF) is the industry's first FRAD that allows remote terminal units and similar devices that use the 31-bit L&N Conitel SCADA protocol, to communicate with host receivers over digital-frame-relay circuits. The Conitel BPF allows users to keep still-useful SCADA devices in service by converting output to frame relay, which communicates over digital lines. This saves utilities, municipalities and other SCADA device users reduced leased-line and manpower costs by keeping existing Conitel transmitter units.

Data Comm for Business Inc., 807 Pioneer, Champaign, Illinois 61820 U.S.
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eDNA Software Solution

Industrial Peer-to-Peer's eDNA captures, archives and time-stamps historical and real-time T&D data, including voltage, current, transformer temperatures and frequency. eDNA integrates with other enterprise systems and trading-floor programs and makes time-sensitive data accessible throughout the entire organization. eDNA features: compression technology that allows it to capture and store accurate data; easy data retrieval from distributed-information sources; a modular solution that allows for add-ons; Web functionality; client tools designed for complex calculations, trend analysis and customization; message-board architecture solution and a cost-effective license structure.

Industrial Peer-to-Peer LLC, 55 E. Monroe St., Suite 2710, Chicago, Illinois 60603 U.S.
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Electricity Meter

SchlumbergerSema's Sentinel is a solid-state electronic multi-measurement, poly-phase meter that provides exceptional accuracy. The self-contained transformer-rated meter is designed for use in commercial and industrial locations, including large industrial sites and substations. The Sentinel meter provides flexible data communications, input and output capabilities, and a wide range of software options.

SchlumbergerSema, Corporate Office, 153 53rd St., 57th Floor, New York, New York 10022 U.S.
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RF Area Monitor

Narda Safety Test Solutions' Smarts II is a dual sensor, ultra-wideband monitor that covers 2 MHz to 100 GHz, or most of the usable RF spectrum. It incorporates Narda's patented frequency-dependent sensing technology, necessary for detecting whether ambient RF energy levels comply with precise industry and government safety standards. The Smarts II is available with an optional all-weather plastic housing.

Narda Safety Test Solutions, 435 Moreland Ave., Hauppauge, New York 11788 U.S.
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