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AVO Cable U: Multi-Purpose Cable Field Lab and Training Courses

AVO Cable U: Multi-Purpose Cable Field Lab and Training Courses

AVO’s Cable U is located at AVO’s main training location in Dallas, and is designed to accommodate AVO's updated Medium-Voltage Cable Fault Location & Tracing and new Cable Testing & Diagnostics courses.

It allows cable technicians the most technologically advanced, real-world, place to train for every electrical cable testing and diagnostic application.

With the critical issues facing the utility and industrial cable industry, it is imperative that training, as well as test equipment technology, be applied to existing and future cable installations to ensure ‘future proofing’ for improved cable reliability. The new cable field, enhanced and new cable courses, continue to meet the industry needs by providing a comprehensive vehicle to ‘future proof’ cable systems for increased reliability and reduced costs.

AVO Cable U provides training courses in the three critical areas of the ‘future proofing’ process for new and service aged power cables: Cable Splicing & Terminating, Cable Fault Location & Tracing and Cable Testing & Diagnostics.

The AVO Training Institute offers its Cable Technician Certification through successful completion of AVO Cable U’s Cable Splicing & Terminating, Medium-Voltage and Cable Fault Location & Tracing, Medium-Voltage courses as well as a new certification for Cable Testing & Diagnostics. This offering is consistent with current industry needs to provide technicians with the capabilities to ‘future proof’ existing and future medium-voltage cable installations.

An “AVO Cable U Open House” is planned for Oct. 4, 2016 in Dallas.

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