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Virtual Peaker EV Charging Solution Helps Utilities Manage EV Loads

July 27, 2023
The platform opens doors for multi-device, multi-OEM demand response programs to meet energy needs and minimize EV grid impacts for utilities

Virtual Peaker, a cloud-based SaaS company launched its electric vehicle (EV)-managed charging solution, providing a holistic distributed energy resource (DER) platform designed to help utilities harness the collective energy of all DERs in one end-to-end platform.

According to a recent EEI report, EVs will account for nearly 30% of the US passenger vehicle sales market by 2030. With this expanded service offering, utilities can now position themselves at the forefront of this EV boom by understanding usage data in their territories and leveraging insights to reshape load fluctuations during peak demands.

This platform includes load management forecasting, distributed energy resource management solutions (DERMS), and customer engagement messaging.

Virtual Peaker’s EV-managed charging solution delivers value to utilities by enabling them to build more comprehensive demand response programs and better manage EV grid impacts—and future-proofing their distributed energy resource management strategies.

This new solution allows utilities to use both EV telematics data and internet-connected EV chargers. Users can also manage multi-device, multi-OEM demand response (DR) programs in a single platform.

The platform also supports EVSEs, both V1G and V2G capabilities.

Efficiency Maine, the statewide administrator for energy efficiency and demand management programs in Maine, is using the Virtual Peaker DER platform to support a new initiative offering Maine individuals and small businesses incentives to allow Efficiency Maine to manage eligible battery storage systems and EV chargers during periods of peak demand and electric grid congestion.

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