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Auger Tool Designed to Drill Construction Footings

Aug. 6, 2021
Terex Utilities introduced a new auger tool called the Foundation High Production Auger.

New to the Terex Auger Tool product line is the Foundation High Production Auger, which is designed to improve drill footage in a variety of soil conditions.

“Featuring standard heavy duty 1-in. flighting and optional extra heavy duty 1-1/2-in. flight, this tool is commonly used for drilling construction footings,” said Putman. “The flighting pitch enhances material flow from the tooth cutting area, which increases productivity. In addition, tooth angles and location are precisely controlled to improve penetration.” The Foundation High Production Auger has a square drive pilot bit for up to 12 in. diameter.

The company will also show one auger tool for medium to hard ground and one for loose and soft materials. 

The Terex Bullet Tooth Rock Auger is ideal for hard limestone, cobbles, boulders, and fractural rock formations. Standard flighting is 1 in. and extra heavy-duty flighting of 1-1/2 in.  is available. “The cut pattern and tooth attack angle allow the bullet teeth to act as ‘fingers’ that penetrate through and lift up fractured or broken material,” said Putman. This tool works with the digger derrick core barrel with extendable pilot bit option to improve functionality and increase productivity."

Terex Dirt Auger also have standard 1 in. flighting and optional 1-1/2 in. flighting. This tool improves drill footage in loose to compacted soils, stiff clay, loose gravel, and soft shale.

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