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Crawler Carriers

Crawler Carriers

Discover the versatility of tracks during the International Lineman’s Rodeo by stopping by Terramac® to take a walk around the rubber tracked Terramac® RT9 with digger derrick attachment. Terramac® is the only North American manufacturer of crawler carriers which focuses on increased versatility, simplistic maintenance and unsurpassed customer service.

The RT9 crawler carrier runs smoothly and effortlessly over rough terrain with a low ground pressure of just 5.1 psi and powerful torque from its Cummins 230hp diesel engine making it ideal for utility work in remote areas.  With an 18,000 lb. carrying capacity the RT9 is also the largest carrier in the mid-sized class that can be transported without oversized permitting. The Terex Commander 4045 digger derrick attachment is just as versatile as the RT9 itself with a 26.8 to 44.8 ft. sheave height and 22,250 lb. maximum capacity.  The Terex digger derrick also contains a 360 degree swivel feature and trapezoidal design for flexibility and stability on the jobsite.

Terramac® crawler carriers are sold through a full-line dealer network to offer increased sales, support, parts and service accessibility to ensure we keep our customer promise which puts your satisfaction first. For more information, please call Terramac® today at 630.365.4800.



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