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Radix Develops AI Tool to Improve Control Room Management and Operations

June 14, 2020
The AI toolset will help to improve decision making and assist with voltage control at a Brazilian transmission network operator.

Radix Engineering and Software announced that ISA CTEEP, one of the main private electric power transmission concessionaires in Brazil, will rely on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) toolset created by Radix to improve its services. The objective is to improve decision-making and implement best practices that provide comprehensive and more efficient control room management. Final energy consumers will also benefit from a more stable supply system with less chance of interference.

The project was developed with the objective of assisting decision making in the operation through the monitoring and classification of system variables, as well as indication of possible actions to control the system. The AI tool was developed to address three areas. The first is related to voltage control by monitoring the variables of the electrical system, which, based on AI models, generates actions, analyzes and suggestions for control and decision making by the Transmission Operation Center, in order to guarantee operational stability.

Secondly, AI will act in the classification and clustering of alarms displayed to the operator, improving the understanding of the operational situation. Finally, the tool includes the implementation of an intelligent videowall with dynamic information displayed to the operating room. The videowall will provide  better management of the control room, increased situational awareness, and mitigation of human failures. The three strands will be implemented based on studies and techniques of high-performance Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Present in 17 of the 26 states in Brazil, ISA CTEEP operates a complex transmission network, through which 32% of all electricity produced in the country travels and almost 93% in the state of São Paulo. Its electrical system consists of 18 thousand kilometers of transmission lines and 126 substations.

“With the AI tool developed by Radix, ISA CTEEP will immediately gain more efficient control over the system's variables to generate more assertive actions. The final energy consumer will also benefit from a more stable supply system and less chance of interference,” says Tássio Simioni, Energy Manager at Radix, one of those responsible for developing the tool.

The solution is the result of an ANEEL Research and Development project, in order to explore the use of Artificial Intelligence, generating innovative solutions for operation centers and was driven by ISA CTEEP's constant search for the implementation of continuous improvements in the operation of its system.

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