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Applied Learning Science to Offer Hands-On Workshop at Lineman's Rodeo

Sept. 21, 2018
Applied Learning Science is offering a new hands-on workshop at the 2018 International Lineman's Rodeo. The course is called, "A Lineman's Character: Critical for Success."

Traditionally, apprentice lineman and lineman schools have spent a lot of time training new and seasoned line workers on the technical aspects of the job. This training typically started with basic electricity and progressed to more in-depth technical training. 

Linemen and apprentices were also trained in the physical aspect of the job such as how to work from aerial lifts, on ladders, on top of equipment and on all types of structures and poles. However, they have never been trained in how important their character is to the job. With the workforce becoming younger and with the absence of oversight on the job, this is becoming more and more critical to their success. 

To help linemen to get the skills they need, Applied Learning Science is offering a new hands-on workshop at the 2018 International Lineman's Rodeo. The course, "A Lineman's Character: Critical for Success," will take place on Oct. 12 at the Overland Park Convention Center. This experiential learning opportunity is great for senior linemen, foremen, safety and training managers and anyone who is responsible for the development of apprentices and junior linemen. The course is designed to transform your mindset by exploring the role and impact of character to create a sustainable relationship for safety performance.

This course will examine how important Character, Influence, Honor, Modeling and Grit are if line workers are to be successful in the future. The instructors will share the “science” behind the training as well as “applicable real-life scenarios.”

The master facilitators for the workshop are Tom Cohenno, co-founder of Applied Learning Science; Jeff White, human performance consultant; and Gorden "Vann" Bradshaw, leadership coach. 

Visit the Web site for more information or email Heather Courtney to register for the conference. 

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