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SMUD Selects Customer Engagement Platform to Replace Existing Systems

April 9, 2015
Opower’s Digital Engagement Solutions to Help All Customers Manage Consumption

Sacramento Municipal Utility District has selected Opower for a multi-year partnership to deliver personalized communications across residential, commercial, and industrial customers. SMUD will replace a set of existing systems with the Opower platform in an effort to drive energy efficiency savings and to improve customer experience.

“Anticipating and delivering on customer expectations is a key business objective for us,” said Nicole Howard, Chief Customer Officer of SMUD. “In the utility space, whether they are residential energy users, small business customers or very large industrial accounts, customers expect an easy, no-fuss solution to achieve their energy-saving and money-saving goals.”

Opower will deliver an integrated Web portal across all of SMUD’s nearly 625,000 residential and commercial customers, enabling them to gain personalized insights into their energy usage. These insights include information on energy usage by category and appliance and specific tips, tailored to individual homes and businesses, on how to cut energy consumption and reduce electric bills. Opower will also offer customers points, rankings and rewards to further motivate customers to take action.

In addition, Opower’s partner FirstFuel Software will use Opower's suite of APIs to seamlessly integrate with the Opower platform and provide SMUD’s commercial and industrial customers with tools and information to make smarter energy management decisions. With the integration, SMUD will enjoy a unified view of data across its customer programs that can help inform program decisions and improve outcomes.

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