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Entergy Sending Crews to the Carolina Coast

Sept. 3, 2019
Lineworkers and a support team on the way to respond to a threat from Hurricane Dorian.

Entergy’s Louisiana utilities are sending a team of more than 200 employees and contractors to the East Coast to help restore power following anticipated widespread damage by Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian is expected to be near the North Carolina coast late Thursday evening. Dorian’s strong winds, heavy rain, storm surge and inland flooding have the potential to cause catastrophic damage and prolonged power outages. Entergy’s Louisiana crews are assigned to Duke Energy in North Carolina. Should operating conditions affecting Louisiana change, the company could recall its crews.

“Helping others in times of need is part of our culture. Just as we seek mutual aid when severe weather hits Louisiana, we are fortunate to be able to help other utilities by sending our crews when needed,” said Melonie Stewart, Louisiana vice president of distribution operations. “Entergy crews are always eager to get on the road and lend a helping hand to other utilities.”

Sending Entergy crews to help is part of a long-standing mutual assistance agreement by which utilities support one another in times of need. When requested by a utility company, Entergy utilities will send as many workers as they can spare while keeping enough at home to meet the day-to-day needs of Entergy customers.

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