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UKAS accreditation powers up Narec’s Electrical and Materials Laboratories

UKAS accreditation powers up Narec’s Electrical and Materials Laboratories

September 19, 2013 -- Narec’s Electrical and Materials Laboratories have today been awarded accreditation by UKAS for testing of power cable systems; complementing the lab’s existing ASTA/Intertek and Narec’s existing UKAS blade test credentials.

The laboratories provide an extensive suite of development and certification testing and measurement facilities for the electrical power and offshore renewable energy industry for all aspects of technology development. Specific emphasis is placed on component development, materials selection, system certification, electrical grid integration and accelerated lifetime test programme delivery; helping to improve component reliability and ensure complex multiple arrays and generation sources operate at optimum efficiency.

This latest accreditation places Narec as the only UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK capable of providing type testing services for underground and submarine cable systems. With wave and tidal array power systems being developed and offshore oil and gas and offshore wind inter-array systems moving to ever higher operational voltages, Narec is well placed to support development and certification of the new generation of offshore transmission and distribution power systems.

Alex Neumman, Head of Specialist Services, commented, “This is excellent news for Narec, and combined with our track record, independence and quality systems provides our clients with robust assurance that our certification work is carried out to the required standard.”

As part of the development of our people and facilities, Narec is currently recruiting for a Project and Asset Manager - Electrical Networks to manage the HV, materials and LV testing laboratories. For more information visit

About Narec
Narec, located in Blyth, Northumberland provides the most comprehensive open-access test and research facilities anywhere in the world for the scale-up of offshore renewable energy technologies. These reliability, design verification and accelerated life testing facilities (electrical and mechanical) provide a supportive environment to get new technologies ready for deployment sooner.

Over the past ten years, Narec has demonstrated a track record of success by initiating and delivering European and National collaborative R&D projects which we have implemented to encourage and drive forward innovation in the supply chain. By solving technical challenges and creating new industry benchmarks our projects are extremely important in achieving an upscale in technologies, supporting market entry for new products and services and reducing development and deployment timeframes of offshore renewable energy technologies.


Helen Edge
Corporate Development Executive
Phone: 01670 357602
E-mail: [email protected]



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