Lug-All Introduces a New Line of Convertible Web Strap Pullers

July 30, 2009, Morgantown, Penn. -- The LUG-ALL Corporation introduces a new line of convertible web strap pullers to the web strap utility market. This new line of pullers was developed by LUG-ALL engineering in an effort to simplify the process of switching from a single line to a double line.

This common problem faced by linemen is now made easy with the new LUG-ALL convertible pullers because all the parts needed to switch are on the hoist. This reduces the possibility of misplacing or losing parts while in the bucket, and eliminates the need to have a pulley block hanging on the line, making the hoist heavier. The new hoists incorporate a convertible bracket and shaft that is secured by a lynch pin. When setting up for single line operation, the pulley block is placed through the web strap loop. For double line operation, the web strap is threaded through the pulley and the strap loop is attached to the convertible bracket via the lynch pin.

For LUG-ALL customers who already own our pullers and would like the convertible option of the new pullers, LUG-ALL introduces a new convertible web strap puller conversion kit. This kit is available for all LUG-ALL medium frame web strap models manufactured prior to 2009 (please note that all pulley blocks supplied since September, 2008 are convertible). Included in the conversion kit is a lynch pin and shaft, convertible formed steel bracket, and hex bolt assembly. Some hoists made prior to 2009 may require a new web strap or pulley block. Both of these parts can be purchased separately through the LUG-ALL sales department.

The LUG-ALL Corporation continues to see product development and innovation as the heart and soul of our company. At LUG-ALL we listen to our customers and make product changes based on their needs. We hope that these new products and features will aid the work of lineman around the world. LUG-ALL welcomes your suggestions and values your loyalty to our products.


Michael J. Evanko

Marketing Manager

Spanco, Inc. & Lug-All Corporation

604 Hemlock Road :: Morgantown, PA 19543

Phone: 610-286-7200

Fax: 610-286-0085

E-mail: [email protected]

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