Intelli-Pole Used to Harden the Grid from Hurricanes and Provide Rapid Utility Pole Installation for Storm Recovery

December 3, 2012, Dayton, Ohio -- Utility Composite Solutions International, Inc. (UCSI) announced today that its Intelli-Pole™ fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite utility pole product has been recently selected by a number of U.S. public utilities and the Mexican national utility to harden the electrical distribution system against hurricanes and severe storms. The Intelli-pole™ is a patented technology for modular, segmented FRP composite utility poles, which use environmentally-friendly materials, providing a robust, durable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional wood, concrete, and steel poles.

In the past year, utilities have started to install the Intelli-Pole™ composite utility poles in many hurricane prone areas from the Florida Keys and Louisiana in the U.S. to the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. In Baton Rouge, an Intelli-Pole™ composite utility pole survived a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac, which saw excessive flooding and winds gusts over 110 mph. Mike Landry, Vice President of System Operations for DEMCO, a large electric cooperative in Louisiana, told UCSI, “You have an outstanding product and we look forward to using it throughout our system.” In addition to hardening the DEMCO grid, Intelli-Pole™ segmented pole design provides the industry’s only slip-fit joint, which allows utility linemen to rapidly install the poles, and thus contributes to rapid storm recovery from downed poles and lines.

The Mexican national utility, the Comisión Federal De Electricidad (CFE) of Mexico, also recently installed the UCSI Intelli-Pole™ FRP composite technology. CFE hardened their grid by placing Intelli-Poles™ at every fifth pole location along lines in the storm battered Baja Peninsula. Because the Intelli-Pole™ has a wind rating of over 180 mph, is constructed with superior materials, is impervious to insects and wildlife, and will not rot, decay or corrode, the Intelli-Pole™ product lasts more than twice the life of conventional pole materials. This makes it ideal for hardening electric distribution lines and improving the utilities’ electric reliability for hurricane-force winds and severe storms.

“Our Intelli-Pole™ composite technology provides a superior alternative to wood and concrete poles, and provides a better solution that is needed as severe storms become more and more frequent,” stated Scott Holmes, UCSI’s Senior Vice President and General Manager. “Hurricane Sandy, which battered the Northeastern U.S. and left thousands of downed wood electric utility poles and customers without power for days and weeks, is just the latest example of why Intelli-Pole™ composite technology is necessary. We look forward to continuing to provide solutions that will help these communities recover and better prepare for future U.S. disasters.”

About Utility Composite Solutions International, Inc.:

Utility Composite Solutions International, Inc. (UCSI) designs, manufactures, markets, and sells composite utility poles to the electric utility industry for electric power distribution and transmission using the patent-pending and trade-marked Intelli-pole™ technology for modular, segmented fiberglass-reinforced composite poles. The product uses environmentally-friendly materials and provides a robust, durable, cost-effective alternative to traditional wood, concrete, and steel utility pole materials. UCSI has corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations in Dayton, Ohio, and branch offices in Wayne, PA, and the San Diego, CA area. Intelli-Pole™ is a registered trademark of Utility Composite Solutions International, Inc.


Utility Composite Solutions International, Inc.

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