Grace & Holy Trinity Church Enrolls in KCP&L's MPower Program

KANSAS CITY, MO, Aug. 5 -- Grace & Holy Trinity Church is pleased to announce its enrollment in KCP&L's demand response program, MPower. Grace & Holy Trinity, located in Kansas City, Mo., has agreed to participate in MPower in order to earn extra revenue for reducing its energy usage just a few times a year.

MPower, which is offered to KCP&L's business customers exclusively through its sole, authorized agent, Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc., comes into effect in times of peak demand and high energy prices. On the hottest days of the summer, the church will reduce its electricity usage to help keep demand and energy prices low, while helping KCP&L defer the need to build another peaking power plant.

“Saving on our energy consumption will provide an extra revenue stream for the church,” said David Stoll, financial administrator for Grace & Holy Trinity Church. “The money we receive from MPower is going to go right back into our Operating fund to support the Cathedral ministry.”

In order to make the most of its participation in MPower, when KCP&L calls for a reduction in energy usage, Grace & Holy Trinity plans to shut down some air handlers, zone the community kitchen to keep cool, avoid using certain buildings, reduce lighting and designate an individual to monitor the system from a home computer.

“We are excited that Grace & Holy Trinity Church has chosen to participate in MPower,” said Brian File, demand response manager for KCP&L. “We are pleased that they have decided to give back to the community and become energy conscious.”


Tracey Penner

Communications Specialist, ECS

877-711-5453 x233

[email protected]

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