Global Training Solutions Inc. Offers NERC CIP Web-Based and Awareness Training Solutions

Global Training Solutions Inc. announces the availability of NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Web-based training and awareness solutions. Programs consist of multiple processes to address CIP requirements and dynamically deliver training content based on an individual's role, group or site location.

Courses consist of the following: NERC CIP Overview; Intensive CIP Standards (001-009); Standards Awareness for Entities (SAFE); and a Quarterly Safety Poster Program. All courses can be customized to include an organization's processes, procedures and test questions. Courses can be hosted internally or externally.

The NERC CIP Overview Web-based course is a comprehensive overview of NERC CIP standards 001-009 and a best-practise “road to compliance” methodology. This course covers each Standard's importance to the power grid, inter-relationships of the Standards, and possible violation penalties. Role-based training is now included.

The Intensive CIP Standard courses consists of detailed information on each CIP (001-009) including the Standard's Purpose, Requirements and Measurements and possible Audit considerations. Along with interactive “violation” scenarios, each course includes Violation Severity Levels (VSLs) and Violation Risk Factors (VRFs) to highlight potential penalties for non-compliance.

The SAFE course presents FERC, NERC, Regional Entities and an overview of all of the NERC regulatory Standards (BAL-VAR). The program helps to familiarize employees with the regulatory oversight agencies, the structure and language of the standards as currently written, and the importance of compliance.

The Quarterly Safety Poster Program is series of four posters released yearly that helps address CIP-004 R1 Cyber Security Awareness Mandate.

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