Less is More: Utility Line Clearance in Tallahassee Florida

Nov. 18, 2010
In the early nineties Tallahassee Electric began trying to establish a regular maintenance trim cycle.Read more...

Tallahassee is known for its beautiful canopy of Flowering Dogwoods, Live Oaks with long descending limbs sweeping the ground, and Southern Magnolias with their aromatic blossoms. Tallahassee and Leon County are also known for the 65 miles of Canopy Roads, dedicated to preserving the old south atmosphere of the 1800s when these roads were used to carry corn, tobacco, and cotton to market. A permit is even required to cut the underbrush along these beautiful scenic roads and strong local ordinances make it next to impossible to remove a tree on any of the protected Canopy Roads.

Tallahassee is also famous for its tree lovers. Coupled with a nine month growing season this gives you some idea of the challenges that the local municipal electric utility has to face in regards to line clearance tree trimming...

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