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Eversource Addresses Tree-Related Power Outages in South Glastonbury

May 11, 2023
The utility will focus on trimming or removing trees along 29 miles of town roads, and the work is likely to be completed by end of July.

Eversource, in its continued efforts to minimize power outages caused by trees, is taking proactive measures to address trees that pose a threat to electric reliability in 131 communities this year. In South Glastonbury, the energy company will focus on trimming or removing trees along 29 miles of town roads.

“Trees continue to be the primary cause of power outages, especially during a storm, so identifying weak, diseased and hazardous trees along town roads and trimming or removing them before they cause a problem is critical,” said Sean Redding, Eversource Manager of Vegetation Management in Connecticut. “While we all love our trees, we’ve seen firsthand the damage they can cause to the electric system. Our comprehensive and consistent tree trimming program helps to improve day-to-day reliability during all types of weather and we continue to see fewer power outages where this work has been done – that’s why this work is so vital.”

The tree work is scheduled to commence in the upcoming days and is expected to be completed by the end of July. The targeted areas for tree maintenance include Belltown, Chestnut Hill, Clark Hill, Coldbrook, Cotton Hollow, Country Club, Dayton, Dug, Foote, Grindle Brook, High Ridge, Hopewell, Lakewood, Matson Hill, and Stockade roads. Additionally, work will be carried out along Main, Purtill, Tryon, Water, and Woodland streets, as well as Blueberry, Ferry, and Old Maids lanes, Dean Drive, and Hopewell Heights.

Eversource is working closely with community leaders to coordinate its plan and ensure effective communication with property owners. Property owners will be informed about the details of the tree work being conducted and given the option to keep the cut wood on their property. It is important to note that all contractors involved in this initiative will carry proper identification, will never request access to private residences, and property owners will not incur any costs for this work.

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