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Trees & Utilities: Speaker Spotlight

Oct. 11, 2021
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Here are two speakers who will be presenting at this year's conference. 

Steven J. Davis
Steven has been the Manager of Sales, Marketing, and Field Support at Rotor Blade since 2019.  He began his career in 1979 with Davey Tree Expert Company, has been a Certified Arborist since 1994, and is a member of the Safety Committee (Davey Tree Committee) on the original ISA Certification Testing Development. In 42 years, across 37 different states and international territories, Steven has had the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge in several Vegetation Management Services, as well as different Tree Care/Landscape Services.His talk Aerial Vegetation Management will examine the ups and downs of the Aerial Vegetation Management services. He will explain where it can benefit vegetation management programs of all kinds.

Indra Den Bakker
As CEO of Overstory, Indra helps utilities leverage advancements in deep learning, satellite data and sensor fusion for vegetation management to improve vegetation SAIDI and reduce wildfire risk. Indra has a background in Computational Intelligence, and is on a mission to enable better decision making about our planet by leveraging AI and satellite technology.In his talk Using Satellite Imagery to Identify Species and Vegetation and Reduce Risk, hear highlights of how species intelligence has been operationalized using Satellite and Artificial Intelligence.

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