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Entergy Louisiana Enhances Electric System in St. Bernard Parish

June 22, 2023
New substation and transmission lines improve capacity and interconnectedness for customers’ present and future needs.

Entergy Louisiana has implemented a new substation and transmission lines in St. Bernard Parish, resulting in a more dependable and resilient electrical system for customers.

The construction of the Munster project, which started in June 2021, was completed recently. Most of the work took place near Munster Boulevard and Florida Avenue, extending northwest along the Forty Arpent Canal to Versailles Park. These enhancements to the electric infrastructure, including upgrades to existing components, have increased the capacity and interconnectedness of the power grid in the area.

As a result, the company is now better equipped to provide electricity to homes and businesses both currently and in the future.

The Munster project encompasses several significant aspects, which include the construction of a new 230kV substation (referred to as the Munster substation) and the installation of nearly two miles of transmission lines connecting the Munster substation to the existing transmission lines originating from the Michoud substation. Additionally, upgrades were made to three existing substations (Meraux, Oaks, and Michoud), and the Munster substation was connected to four other substations (Meraux, Oaks, Michoud, and Tricou).

To mitigate the risk of flooding, the Munster substation site was constructed four feet above the base flood elevation. The control house, specifically, was elevated 14 feet above the base flood elevation, surpassing the 500-year base flood elevation for the region. The design of the substation allows for the future installation of transformers and distribution lines to accommodate potential economic growth and increased power demand.

To ensure the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the electric system, Entergy Louisiana’s reliability experts regularly inspect and evaluate key components such as poles, powerlines, and transformers. They use data to make informed decisions concerning the replacement or enhancement of infrastructure, thereby contributing to the overall reliability of the electrical system.

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