Understanding Pesticide Product Labels

Understanding Pesticide Product Labels

Take advantage of the DuPont Crop Protection Land Management Stewardship Learning Series to better understand pesticide product labels. Because labels provide guidance on the safe and responsible use of pesticides, everyone who uses pesticides to control insects, weeds or plant disease must review product labels before handling them. This 12-minute presentation is an ideal refresher course or training tool for new employees.

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This training module covers:
  • How to read the four different types of labels
  • The value of label instructions for optimizing the effectiveness of your applications
  • The importance of precautionary statements

Product stewardship is an integrated business process for identifying, managing and reducing risks to safety, health and the environment through all stages of a pesticide product’s life. And DuPont understands that training is an important component of stewardship, which is why we created the Learning Series, an easy-to-use and interactive training program. Practicing good stewardship is in the best interests of everyone, and together we play a role in sustainably meeting the challenges of a growing world.

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