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Westar Energy Orders Resource Management Tool

Macrosoft has entered into an agreement with Westar Energy, the largest electric utility provider in Kansas, to deliver its emergency resource management tool, Resources on Demand (RoD). RoD is a multi-user system that manages resource requests and allocations, tracks personnel movements, and supports lodging and logistics during restoration events.

"In Kansas, we face a range of severe weather from tornados, to snow and ice in the winter. RoD will help us manage, track, and support the logistical needs of our storm management teams as we deploy crews during a storm restoration," said Jeff Martin, director, Reliability and Resource Scheduling at Westar.

Intuitive and user-friendly, Macrosoft's Resources on Demand provides storm center personnel with a tool to effectively organize crew and equipment allocations, monitor personnel availability, and improve the assignment process. The system leverages historical data and reports to establish the best practices for use during future events.

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