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Watt Germany Implementing WebMethods Software

Watt Germany GmbH has chosen the webMethods product suite from Software AG to support the management of Watt’s business processes. Watt has embarked on a program of redefining its total operations from a business process perspective.

Having reduced and standardized the total number of processes, Watt will then automate and monitor the running business through a reorganization of its IT infrastructure. The new infrastructure will enable Watt to make more immediate changes to processes in order to implement new regulations, support new customer requirements and introduce new products on-demand. In addition, Watt estimates that it can deliver efficiency gains of 30% allowing for the re-allocation of resources and accelerating sales.

Watt is an electricity provider serving small to mid-size organizations throughout Germany. The product is digital, the supply chain is digital and the company's sales and marketing processes are digital. The buying and selling of electricity that is core to its business requires accurate forecasts of demand, down to the customer level, the ability to rapidly switch customers between suppliers, and the need for accurate and timely billing. Watt is the first electricity provider in Germany to attempt to automate this digital value chain from first customer contact to supply and finally to billing.

To Watt’s customers, this enables a choice in terms of service level definition and product scalability. For them, electricity will be more than just a commodity, but rather, a tool for minimizing costs through accurate demand forecasting and just-in-time delivery. Welcome news in today’s energy markets.

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