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Virginia Coop Adds Apogee Interactive HomeEnergySuite to Website

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative has added Apogee Interactive’s comprehensive HomeEnergySuite to its website, providing its customer-owners with access to a set of energy efficiency tools to help them use energy wisely.

“This new tool is one more way NOVEC is working to help customers manage their home energy costs,” says Mike Curtis, vice president, public relations. “It’s part of NOVEC’s ‘Use It Wisely’ campaign.”

NOVEC is the 11th largest electric cooperative in the U.S. and provides electricity to more than 142,000 residential and business consumers just west of Washington, D.C. The cooperative logged 1735 visitors to the new energy suite in the first month alone, and that number continues to grow.

NOVEC’s HomeEnergySuite is customized to factor in the cooperative’s current electricity price, local weather zones and regional standards of home building construction to perform the energy analyses. With a few additional inputs from the homeowner, the core engine of the calculator produces accurate and useful energy-use and cost-saving recommendations for the homeowner – all in a matter of seconds.

Apogee’s analysis algorithms have been honed to laser precision by Apogee’s team of senior engineers over the past 15 years. Apogee was among the first companies to develop and launch an online home energy calculator for the utility industry. It now operates on more than 400 utility websites, consistently delivering accurate energy evaluations and targeted recommendations consumers can readily understand.

NOVEC consumers can access the HomeEnergySuite by clicking on “Energy-Saving Calculators” on NOVEC’s website home page, or by going directly to With the main HomeEnergyCalculator, members can quickly view an evaluation of their home’s energy use by month, by year, and by equipment and appliance categories. They can even see the estimated carbon footprint for their home and the reductions possible with certain energy-saving measures.

A variety of other calculators enable consumers to zero in on energy use and cost saving information regarding different heating and cooling systems, types and quantity of televisions, programmable thermostats, pools and spas, CFLs, outdoor lighting and more than 50 home appliances.

“The television calculator really surprises most of our customers,” says Curtis. “They can see that plasma TVs use three times as much power as traditional tube TVs.” NOVEC’s HomeEnergySuite also features a Kids Korner section for kids and teachers, and an online library that explains the basics of energy, electricity and energy efficiency.

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