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Ventyx Announces International Smart Grid Operations Solution

Ventyx has announced the availability of its Smart Grid Operations solution in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. An integral component of the first fully integrated SmartGridCity in Boulder, Colorado, the solution offers technology for integration of the commercial operations value chain for smart grids from portfolio optimization to customer program management.

The integrated Ventyx Smart Grid Operations software suite supports the commercial and retail utility operations required to deliver effective demand response programs, distributed energy management, renewable generation and resource optimization for successful Smart Grid deployments. It provides this capability by enabling utilities to aggregate customer-level DR and distributed generation into commercially actionable Virtual Power Plants. The solution also improves DR program management, effectively managing customer enrollment, device tracking and DR forecasting. Furthermore, Smart Grid Operations enables utilities to efficiently calculate and communicate price and environmental signals to customers, portals and load control programs. And, it provides advanced reporting capabilities for documenting program- and customer-level economic and environmental benefits, a key to meeting corporate and regulatory measurement and reporting requirements.

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