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Utility Integration Solutions Awarded Contract for Smart Grid Standards Testing

Utility Integration Solutions (UISOL) has been awarded a contract by the Electric Power Research Institute to support system interoperability testing for IEC 61968-9, a key standard for the integration of advanced metering and utility distribution system applications that is included in NIST's smart grid standards roadmap for the utility industry.

IEC 61968-9 is a specification for the enterprise-level integration of metering systems based on the exchange of XML messages that are defined using the Common Information Model. The EPRI technical report 1018795 titled 'Enterprise Service Bus Implementation Profile, Integration using IEC 61968' defines the integration approach to be using in conjunction with IEC 61968-9 for interoperability.

UISOL will host and implement the specification using enterprise software from TIBCO Software Inc. of Palo Alto, California, to support testing. Systems Integration Specialists Company, Inc. of Sterling Heights, Michigan, will act as test coordinator for all organizations wishing to participate.

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