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UISOL Delivers Next Generation Demand Response Management Application to PJM Interconnection

Utility Integration Solutions, Inc. has delivered PJM Interconnection’s (PJM) next-generation demand response management system. PJM’s members began using the system in June. PJM implemented new technology to facilitate the continued, significant growth of demand response in the years ahead.

Demand response involves consumers reducing their use of electricity in response to power grid needs or economic signals. They are paid for providing services equivalent to generators.

PJM, operator of the world’s largest power grid, ensures reliable operation of the high voltage power system that serves 51 million people across a 13 state region and the District of Columbia. PJM has worked with its stakeholders to expand demand-side resources and improve the operational efficiency of demand-side programs in its wholesale electricity markets.

PJM sought a new, flexible demand response management system to allow participants to manage their demand resources in the market. PJM selected UISOL’s DRBizNet as the foundation for a secure, standards-based system that could cost effectively adapt to meet future needs and market rule changes.

The DRBizNet solution is the result of a decade of R&D by UISOL in close collaboration with California utilities. PJM’s implementation is the largest and most sophisticated production deployment of a demand response management system in the world.

“Our investment in technology supports the growth of demand resources in our markets, streamlines operations for our members and increases the transparency of information,” said Andrew Ott, PJM Senior Vice President – Markets. “We want to be ahead of the curve with the technology supporting our members as demand resources and associated smart grid applications continue to evolve.”

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