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Trilliant Networks Selects Freescale’s 802.15.4 Wireless Platform

Trilliant Networks Inc. has announced the availablity of massively scalable and range-extensible enhancements to IEEE 802.15.4 for sensor and control network applications based on Freescale’s 802.15.4 platform. The cross-development and integration of key components is expected to enable smart device networks to achieve commercial scalability ahead of market projections. Unlike stacks for ad-hoc micro-networks on base level radio designs for IEEE 802.15.4, these components combine robust features from the broader Internet architectures with large-scale last-mile networks and compatible application services.

“This collaboration on standards-based mesh technology helps the industry achieve rapid commercialization of pervasive telemetry-managed enterprise applications,” said Bill Vogel, president and CEO of Trilliant. “We believe this exchange with our communications partners will help support industry direction while reducing costs for our utility customers. Enterprises seeking to build large scale sensor and control networks will combine ad hoc mesh networks with the broader Internet resulting in secure scalable infrastructure.”

Trilliant has implemented an extensible framework to address large-scale requirements such as advanced metering and other demanding applications. Additionally, Trilliant has introduced last-mile radios, micro-access points and multiservice gateway devices. This interoperable framework, which has been implemented in Trilliant’s Plug ‘n Play Energy Network enables rapid integration and delivery of international telemetry networks. Initial monitoring and control applications for these devices include smart metering, energy grid reliability, workforce management, streetlight management, and thermostat comfort control. Trilliant has already integrated these network devices into a variety of meters, handhelds and smart phones.

“Freescale components offer a viable and cost-effective framework for pervasive mesh networks. Trilliant’s implementation achieves exceptional scale and coverage for utility metering industry applications,” said Brett Black, commercial wireless manager, Freescale. “Utilizing Freescale’s 802.15.4 platform enabled Trilliant to quickly develop a complex mesh network and deploy solutions in the field.”

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