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TMG Consulting Adds Enterprise Asset Management Services

TMG Consulting, a company that provides IT application planning, selection, and implementation support in the utility industry, has announced expansion of its services into enterprise asset management.

TMG Consulting has served hundreds of clients worldwide since its founding in 1992. According to TMG Consulting President Greg Galluzzi, the decision to offer additional services is in response to industry needs.

“In today’s business environment, there is a growing need for independence in critical information technology decisions. Our expertise in the utility business and technology solutions marketplace provides a natural entree into independent assessment and selection services for enterprise asset management solutions,” Galluzzi said. “This move will allow us to offer a more comprehensive package of consulting services to our clients to ensure that they have access to all of the information they need to make sound and timely business decisions.”

Galluzzi also announced the appointment of Norm Tanguay to head up the new initiative. Tanguay has more than 30 years of experience providing services to the utility industry in various capacities and across multiple disciplines. Tanguay said he looks forward to working with TMG Consulting in providing this unique package of services.

“Many firms offer consulting services that focus on specific segments of utility business, such as CIS, work and asset management, maintenance management, AMR/NMR, GIS, etc., but I don’t know of anyone who offers the selection services and toolset that support enterprise-wide, cross-functional solutions as does TMG’s,” Tanguay said.

According to Tanguay, the service will be beneficial to all organizations, but especially to those that have undergone, or are planning to undergo, transformation from a vertically integrated structure to a process-oriented one. Such changes require realignment of corporate goals, strategies, decision-making practices, and competencies to a more asset-centric focus, Tanguay said. It also requires the adoption of asset management disciplines to more effectively balance performance, cost, and risk in making long-term investments in the asset base, he said.

According to Tanguay, enterprise asset management initiatives typically represent long-term commitments of time and financial resources and require expert planning and analysis at the outset to select the right solution. To be successful, executives need technology-based support tools that embrace these considerations. These tools are critical for good decision-making.

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