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Telemetric Announces KCP&L Network Automation Project Rollout with Telemetric and ETI/Richards Manufacturing Devices

Telemetric Corporation has announced that Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) is moving forward with a wireless monitoring and control project rollout with Telemetric’s DNP-Remote Telemetry Module (RTM). KCP&L is using the Telemetric DNP-RTM to monitor and control network protectors located in vaults in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The DNP-RTM communicates with ETI/Richards Manufacturing relays that provide detailed status information on their network protectors. This will allow KCP&L to immediately respond to network protector operations and any other anomalies before they are reported by customers. KCP&L is also installing Telemetric TVM-3 monitors in vaults at various key network locations to monitor three-phase voltage.

“KCP&L’s rollout further verifies the broad range of expanding applications for Telemetric’s technology,” said Tom Loutzeheiser, Telemetric’s CEO. He added, “Using the Telemetric DNP-RTM in combination with the ETI/Richards network relay enables KCP&L to improve system reliability and operating efficiencies.” After successful testing of cellular communications in typical vaults, KCP&L decided to completely roll out the Telemetric DNP-RTM and ETI/Richards relay combination to all of their network protectors.

“This project will reduce operating and maintenance expenses through the wireless monitoring and control of our grid and spot networks,” states Bill Herdegen, KCP&L vice president of customer operations. “In addition, it will enhance safety for our personnel by providing remote control operating functions. Our system operators and engineers will have a convenient overview to manage network-operating conditions. As a result, our network customers will enjoy improved service quality.”

The DNP-RTM was developed in conjunction with KCP&L and other utilities as a general-purpose communication device suitable for use with any intelligent control that supports DNP 3.0 protocol. Telemetric worked closely with KCP&L to tailor the DNP-RTM to meet the company’s specific application requirements that were not previously available at a cost effective price.

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