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Software Enables Smart Grid With Real-Time Data Across Utility Systems

eMeter Corp. has announced the incorporation of real-time validation, editing, and estimation (VEE) for its EnergyIP software. The functionality is an example of EnergyIP’s management solution that eliminates batch processing to handle meter interval and network device data in real-time. eMeter’s real-time message bus coordinates on demand processes across applications, platforms and organizations, resulting in improved billing, cash flow, logistics and delivery of customer information to utilities.

With the ability to instantaneously verify the accuracy of interval data and make corrections, real-time VEE intelligently fills in data gaps to provide utilities with a complete set of information across their entire business system. Access to clean and complete real-time data helps utilities to ensure accurate customer billing, enhance customer service and operate more efficiently. Real-time VEE is one of a number of EnergyIP’s services that go beyond standard MDM meter-to-bill capabilities for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

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