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Silver Spring Networks Unveils Global Partner Program

Silver Spring Networks has unveiled enhancements to the Silver Spring Partner Program, making it easier for partners to bring next-generation solutions and technologies to market faster. These program enhancements are designed to enable partners to more easily add value to Silver Spring’s open standards-based networking platform. New integration and interoperability toolkits, along with software sandbox testing services for software partners, will expand the ecosystem of innovators and accelerate time to value for Silver Spring customers.

With more than 60 partners globally and growing, the Silver Spring partner ecosystem is delivering comprehensive smart grid solutions for customers.

Several new integration and interoperability toolkits were announced including:

  • The Home Area Network (HAN) Test Kit for Demand-Side Management (DSM) Partners: This kit enables HAN device vendors to certify interoperability of ZigBee SEP 1.x commands between their in-home device and the Silver Spring Communications Module.
  • The Distribution Automation (DA) Test Kit for DA Partners: This kit enables DA device makers to verify that DNP3 traffic is successfully traversing Silver Spring Bridges.
  • A series of Software Development Kits for Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), DA, and DSM Partners: These kits include software testing environments for a variety of Silver Spring UtilityIQ modules and technical support time to verify interoperability between the partner’s software and the UtilityIQ modules.

Existing and new Silver Spring partners will receive numerous benefits under the expanded program, including:

  • New Tools and Services: A number of new services have been added for partners including tools, training, and go-to-market programs.
  • Three-Tier Structure: Partners can join select tiers based on their business objectives, technology roadmaps, and product portfolio, gaining increased benefits with each successive tier.
  • Enhanced Portal: Silver Spring partners can now access a new partner portal delivering an enhanced user experience, more detailed program information, and improved self-service capabilities.
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