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Silver Spring Networks Announces Detectent as SilverLink Sensor Network Partner

Silver Spring Networks Announces Detectent as SilverLink Sensor Network Partner

Silver Spring Networks, Inc. has announced a new partnership with Detectent, Inc., as it continues to expand its partner ecosystem around the SilverLink Sensor Network, a new approach to unlocking smart grid big data at up to 10x the speed and 1/10th the cost of traditional IT infrastructure. Detectent is a provider of analytical models and user interface tools that will leverage SilverLink Sensor Network data to support the planning, deployment and measurement of operational business functions including revenue assurance, non-technical loss, transformer monitoring, and grid operations applications. Detectent’s solutions will be offered through Silver Spring’s SilverLink App Catalogue.

Detectent’s Energy Theft solutions are part of its Customer Intelligence Platform, which will be integrated with the SilverLink Sensor Network. Detectent uses a combination of smart meter data along with weather data, business listings, GIS data and other data to identify electricity theft. Once an irregularity is confirmed or dismissed, the self-learning algorithms update the information to improve the accuracy of future analysis. The SiverLink Sensor Network will enable Detectent to access real-time smart grid data streams, helping utilities accelerate the assessment of any action associated with irregular energy consumption and diversion within a service territory. Detectent’s application also integrates with existing utility workflow systems.

“Electricity theft is estimated to cost the utility industry billions of dollars each year. With the SilverLink Sensor Network and Detectent, we can help make it easy for utilities to find and remediate that theft, and recover their operating losses,” said Alex Zheng, Senior Product Manager, SilverLink Sensor Network, Silver Spring Networks. “Detectent is a well-known player in theft detection, and the combination of our sensor network expertise with their algorithms will enable us to help utilities leverage the power of their smart grids to recover value for their customers.”

Detectent also expects to leverage real-time streams via the SilverLink Sensor Network for improved grid operations, such as pinpointing overloaded transformers and topology mapping errors.

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