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Silver Spring Networks and PRI Announce Smart Metering Partnership

Silver Spring Networks and PRI have announced a partnership to provide a sophisticated, integrated smart metering solution for utilities, retailers, aggregators and distributors. PRI smart meters, equipped with Silver Spring Networks’ Network Interface Cards (NIC), combine smart meter functionality with end-to-end, IP-based communications and diagnostics and meter events.

As utilities develop their smart grid solutions, an IP-based network and IP-based communications devices will play a critical role. Silver Spring Networks and its growing ecosystem of partners are committed to providing utility customers with a greater choice of IP-enabled Smart Energy Network devices. The PRI-Silver Spring Networks partnership expands the range of IP-enabled meters available to utilities around the world. Silver Spring Networks now supports both ANSI and IEC meters.

In addition to standard energy measurements, the PRI family of single- and three-phase meters can perform load profiles, TOU and demand response functions as well Connect/Disconnect services for the primary service and a secondary load. Home Area Network communications are included on the Silver Spring Networks NIC (Network Interface Card) based on the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile, providing the secure communications utilities demand.

Smart Energy Network-enabled PRI meters will be equipped with communications capabilities at the factory, through incorporation of a Silver Spring Networks NIC.

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