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RTE Selects AREVA for Interconnection Management System

AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution division will deliver and implement a new interconnection management system for RTE, the French transmission systems operator, subsidiary of the EDF Group.

The solution AREVA will provide is based on its e-terramarket line and is fully compliant with the rules and defined business processes of ETSO, the association of European Transmission System Operators, of which RTE is a member. With it, RTE will be able to operate a Transmission Capacity Nomination system for interconnections with Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland, as well as a Transmission Capacity Auctioning platform.

AREVA T&D had previously provided CASC-CWE (Capacity Allocation Service Company for the Central West European Electricity market), of which RTE is also a shareholder, with a system to manage capacity auctions for four interconnections in Central Western Europe. This new contract reinforces AREVA’s track record of helping ETSO members as they strive to ensure the security of their power grids, the quality of their supply levels, and the overall efficiency of the European electricity market.

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