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PPL Electric Utilities Selects Nexus Energy Software to Provide Meter Data Management System

PPL Electric Utilities (PPL) has selected Nexus Energy Software's Meter Data Management System (Nexus MDMS) to manage and leverage hourly meter data for all of its 1.3 million customers. PPL, which recently completed installation of an advanced metering system with hourly meter read capabilities, will deploy Nexus MDMS to validate, store, and perform advanced analytics with this hourly meter data to enhance PPL's business processes and customer interactions.

Nexus MDMS includes a series of business applications that use the hourly energy data collected by these advanced meters, providing PPL with enhanced revenue protection, complex billing, forecasting, distribution planning and operations, load research, settlement and customer service via web-based self-service and through the existing call center.

"We were very impressed with Nexus' vision of what a well developed meter data management system can deliver,” said Bernie Bujnowski, director of Advanced Metering for PPL. “Additionally, their innovative approach to product design, track record for project execution, and reputation for providing superior customer service were all significant factors in our selection of Nexus."

Rick Brakken, senior vice president of Nexus, added: "We are excited that PPL has given us the opportunity to work with them. We share their view that meter data management and integrated analytics is key to extracting the value of the interval information that is collected by their advanced meters. We are validating and combining meter data with customer, billing and distribution network data to improve operating efficiency and to help customers better manage their energy use."

Harvey Michaels, CEO of Nexus Energy Software, added: "Our focus on MDMS development has been to go beyond meter-to-cash to creating enterprise-wide value from advanced metering technology, and we greatly appreciate PPL's decision to deploy our MDMS solution for this shared objective. This vision was also the driving force behind Nexus' recent acquisition by ESCO Technologies, which also owns DCSI, the company providing the TWACS advanced meters deployed successfully at PPL."

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