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PECO Provides Energy Saving Answers Online With Key Calculators

PECO (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is providing environmental and energy saving information to its customers through a new series of Web-based calculators from Apogee Interactive. PECO customers can now see the specific environmental and energy impacts of their household energy choices by using any of the new calculators on the “Save Energy/Save Money” section of the PECO Web site at (www.pecowinter.com):

  • Lighting Calculator
  • Appliance Calculator
  • Heating Calculator
  • Setback Thermostat Calculator
  • TV Calculator
  • Efficiency Calculator
  • Paperless Billing Calculator

Who knew the average household can help avoid the equivalent of five pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year just by paying bills online? Or that you can avoid 100 pounds of CO2 emissions annually by switching two of your regular light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL)? Or the fact that a typical household spends more than a hundred dollars a year just to keep the TVs on?

“We want our customers to know the energy saving opportunities and related environmental benefits by taking just one or two simple actions around the home,” said Frank Jiruska, director of Energy and Marketing Services for PECO. “We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for our customers to see just how simple it is to save energy and save money,” he said. “Armed with actionable information from the calculators, consumers can make more informed choices about appliance operating hours, family energy usage patterns and even home equipment selection.”

“These online tools give consumers more perspective, more information and ultimately more control over their impact on the environment,” said Susan Gilbert, president and chief executive officer of Apogee. “We’re dedicated to helping energy companies like PECO advance environmental stewardship among their customers.”

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