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OSI to Implement Hot Standby Backup Control Center System for Salt River Project

The Salt River Project (SRP) of Phoenix, Arizona, has chosen Open Systems International to supply SRP’s enhanced next-generation backup control center (BCC) system.

OSI’s High Availability Monarch Backup Control Center architecture, which supports virtual hot standby operation with the primary control center, is the core technology employed.

SRP provides electricity to more than 935,000 customers in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. It is part of the critical Southwestern transmission grid that includes large inter-area transfers due to the unprecedented growth in the Southwestern United States. This growth and mandated new industry regulations necessitate an enhanced and modern BCC solution that not only maintains NERC regulatory compliance, but also increases system reliability, safety, availability and control.

Benefits SRP can realize by upgrading to OSI’s hot standby BCC solution include faster synchronization time, seamless disaster recovery and seamless database and display updates, as well as automatic failover capability and inter-site process monitoring for optimal control of applications at the backup site. In addition to OSI’s standard applications, the hot standby environment enables custom user applications to be executed at each site and remotely health monitored.

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