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Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench Eases Move to Oracle Database 11g

Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.2 that features new capabilities to ease the migration and consolidation of third-party databases onto Oracle Database 11g. Oracle SQL Developer is Oracle's free database development tool that helps users simplify development cycles and improve productivity of creating and debugging SQL and PL/SQL code and now migrate databases to Oracle.

"Since introducing Oracle SQL Developer, we've been focused on expanding the capabilities of the product to meet the needs of the developer community," said Michael Hichwa, vice president of software development, Oracle. "With Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.2, we're offering a single tool to enable developers to browse and migrate third-party data to an Oracle Database seamlessly, cost-effectively and with minimal risk. This capability greatly simplifies the process of moving data, tables and stored programs from non-Oracle to Oracle Databases to help ensure a smooth migration."

Oracle has long offered a standalone, migration workbench tool to assist database developers with the migration of non-Oracle databases to Oracle Databases. Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.2 incorporates and integrates a more powerful migration workbench tool -- Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench. The Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench offers database developers a single tool and environment with which to browse third-party data, migrate database objects and data and browse the newly migrated database helping users to reduce time, costs and risks related to moving third-party databases to Oracle.

Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench offers a wide spectrum of database migration capabilities. It enables users to migrate a single table or several databases. Users can do a migration while connected to a database or they can generate scripts to use as part of the project and modify the scripts with Oracle SQL Developer's SQL and PL/SQL creation and de-bugging tools. Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench features new parsers that recognize 100 percent of T-SQL syntax as well as single statement translators that allow users to paste any kind of T-SQL into an editor and translate it instantly into PL/SQL.

The Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench offers database developers two options for performing migrations. Users may conduct migrations in a single step with a wizard utility delivered by the tool or they may break down the migration process into steps to allow them to make changes throughout the various stages of the migration as necessary. The tool allows users to migrate the following third-party databases to Oracle:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (versions 7, 2000 and 2005)
  • Microsoft Access (versions 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003)
  • MySQL (versions 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0).
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