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Oracle Database Release Produces TPC-H Benchmark Result in 300GB Category

Oracle has announced a new world record TPC-H 300 gigabyte (GB) benchmark for Oracle Database 10g Release 2 and Oracle Real Application Clusters on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Oracle has surpassed the industry-leading benchmark result it set in September, raising the bar for data warehousing performance,according to Oracle.

Running on an eight-node HP BladeSystem cluster of ProLiant BL25p server blades, equipped with AMD Opteron 2.6 GHz dual-core processors and Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.4, Oracle Database 10g Release 2 and Oracle Real Application Clusters achieved a record performance of 18,725.9 [email protected] and a price-performance ratio of $27.97/[email protected]

The only database designed for grid computing, Oracle Database 10g delivers scalability, availability, security and ease of management on a low-cost grid of industry-standard storage and servers. Oracle Database 10g is designed to be effectively deployed on everything from small blade servers to the biggest SMP servers and clusters of all sizes. It features automated management capabilities for easy, cost-effective operation. Oracle Database 10g's ability to manage data from traditional business information to XML documents and spatial/location information makes it suitable for power online transaction processing, decision support and content management applications.

TPC-H is a decision support benchmark consisting of a suite of business-oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications. The performance metric is called the TPC-H Composite Query-per-Hour Performance Metric ([email protected]) and reflects multiple aspects of the capability of the system to process queries.

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