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Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Sets Record

Oracle has announced a new world record with a TPC-C benchmark result of more than 4 million transactions per minute. The result was achieved with Oracle Database 10g Release 2 on an HP Integrity Superdome server running HP-UX 11i v3 and HP StorageWorks Arrays. With this result, Oracle showcases its transaction processing power -- setting a record that surpasses the best TPC-C performance results on any database and becoming the leader in both TPC-C clustered and non-clustered categories.

Running on an HP Integrity Superdome server with 64 Dual Core Intel Itanium 2 1.6 GHz processors and the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system, Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Enterprise Edition achieved a record 4,092,799 tpmC (transactions per minute) with a price-performance ratio of $2.93/tpmC, the best price per transaction of any result over 400,000 transactions per minute.

"As business demand for increased transaction throughput continues to grow, customers rely on Oracle Database 10g to seamlessly scale their systems accordingly," said Juan Loaiza, senior vice president systems technology, Oracle. "This benchmark demonstrates that Oracle Database 10g continues to raise the bar with record performance achievement for OLTP systems."

Oracle Database 10g provides a single, integrated database engine for cost-effective, scalable and high-performing online transaction processing (OLTP) and data warehousing implementations.

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