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Ontario Selects eMeter and IBM for Meter Data Management

eMeter's EnergyIP solution has been selected for a central Meter Data Management and Repository (MDM/R) service in support of the Ontario government's Smart Metering Initiative. It will provide meter data management services to the Ontario electricity industry, supporting the province's program to install a smart electricity meter in 800,000 homes and small businesses by 2007 and throughout Ontario by 2010. With the MDM/R at its center, the government's Smart Metering Initiative will play a major role in helping customers manage their electricity costs and enhance reliability in the province.

"The IESO was fortunate to receive a number of very credible responses to its Request for Proposals and undertook a multiple step evaluation process," said Paul Murphy, IESO president and CEO. "This will work for the benefit of local distribution companies, retailers and electricity customers in Ontario's electricity market," said Murphy.

The IESO is the program coordinator for the government's Smart Metering Initiative activities including the establishment of the MDM/R function and its successful integration into the end-to-end Smart Metering Infrastructure.

IBM will use eMeter's EnergyIP software as the primary technology in the deployment of the MDM/R. IBM has also enlisted the services of Enspiria Solutions and Rodan Energy & Metering Solutions for this project.

"This is an enormous challenge," said Cree Edwards, eMeter's chairman and CEO, "requiring reliable interfaces to multiple AMI data collection systems and scores of utility CIS systems. Fortunately, our EnergyIP software was designed specifically to support multiple technologies and systems, including scaling to many millions of hourly meters. We expect consumers to realize a wide range of benefits from the Smart Meter Initiative and commend Ontario for its vision."

When smart meters are fully deployed in Ontario, the MDM/R is expected to collect hourly interval data from more than 90 utilities across the province. The system is being designed to validate and process meter reads for more than 4.5 million Ontario electricity consumers. When fully operational, it will retain over 85 billion records, providing the province with a tool for the province's energy conservation initiatives.

The MDM/R contract was awarded following the completion of the Request For Proposals process overseen by a Fairness Commissioner. The system is expected to be ready in the summer of 2007.

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