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Ohio Utility to Use Telvent Miner & Miner’s Responder for OMS

The City of Westerville Electric Division, serving Central Ohio for more than 100 years, has selected Telvent Miner & Miner’s Responder for its outage management system (OMS). The new OMS solution will allow the utility to better serve their more than 15,000 customers through efficient response to service interruptions. The Westerville Electric Division is still the only municipally owned and operated suburban electrical provider in central Ohio, serving all Westerville’s 36,000+ residents and 1500 businesses.

The City of Westerville implemented ArcFM in 2002 for five editors. By selecting Responder, it will leverage its existing GIS data as well as minimize risk and expedite the implementation. The solution will also allow the organization to provide quick, accurate predictions for efficient power restoration during outages, resulting in better customer service and improved reliability reporting.

Prior to using the application, the organization was limited to a manual outage process that included multiple note taking and phone calls. After implementing the new OMS, Westerville Electric Division will have automated tools to diagnose the outage and dispatch crews for restoration. The City of Westerville will begin implementing Responder in January 2007 and expects to be in production by February 2007.

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