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NSTAR Launches Latest Effort to Help Customers 'Go Green'

In yet another move to help the environment and address climate change, NSTAR is offering a new incentive for customers to go paperless. Through July 31, the company will make a $1 donation to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation for every customer who opts to get their bill electronically through E-bill. The NSTAR Go Green Grants will be administered by the DCR and designated specifically for NSTAR communities.

“Customers are benefiting the environment in two ways with this program – they are helping to save trees by opting to go paperless, while at the same time making sure additional trees are planted in their community,” said Joseph Nolan, NSTAR senior vice president of Customer & Corporate Relations. "NSTAR customers have proven their commitment to the environment by participating in our other green offerings and we’re confident they’ll also take advantage of this new opportunity.”

NSTAR Go Green Grants will assist in community tree-replacement planting as well as building up local urban and community forestry. The DCR is the steward to one of the largest state parks systems in the country and administers grants to promote natural and recreational resources around Massachusetts. NSTAR initially donated $10,000 as "seed money" for the program and to further demonstrate its commitment to helping customers go green.

"Because trees consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, we all benefit every time a new one is planted,” said Bill Hayes, NSTAR’s senior arborist. “This program gives us the opportunity to give back directly to our communities through tree-friendly grants.”

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