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NorthWestern Energy Adds Energy Efficiency Tools to Website

With Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska ranking among the top 18 states for Internet use (Pew Internet Study), NorthWestern Energy’s new Web-based energy efficiency tools are aimed at an eager audience.

Customers can now analyze their energy use and find targeted energy-saving advice using interactive tools found under the “Energy Calculators” and “Energy Library” sections of NorthWestern Energy’s website at www.northwesternenergy.com.

Developed by Apogee Interactive, the energy calculators automatically account for the 11 different weather regions served by NorthWestern and current energy prices. “Our service area is subject to extreme cold and extreme heat,” said Susan Malee, spokesperson, for Northwestern Energy. “Bringing energy calculators, reference libraries and even energy games into our customers’ homes and businesses over the Web makes it easier for them to be more energy savvy and make more energy efficient choices.”

Apogee’s home and commercial EnergySuite tools for NorthWestern include a “Calc-U-Pal” for homes, a “Commercial Energy Calculator” for businesses, an appliance calculator, a lighting calculator, home energy library, electricity fundamentals module and Kids Korner site. The calculators can run as many different scenarios as needed to provide immediate answers to any number of questions such as “How much can I save by replacing five regular light bulbs with five compact fluorescents?”; “What does it cost to operate two big screen TVs?”; “What will my annual energy cost savings be if I upgrade my house insulation?” and many more.

The reference and educational sections let consumers dig deeper into today’s energy efficient equipment, technologies, techniques and savings opportunities.

“The energy analysis performed by our proprietary system offers specifics on how to shrink your energy-use footprint,” said Susan Gilbert, president and chief executive officer of Apogee. “We’re here to support the energy efficiency efforts of companies like NorthWestern Energy and provide actionable information to their consumers.”

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