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Nighthawk Systems Signs Agreement with Itron

Nighthawk Systems, Inc. has signed an agreement with Itron, Inc. under which Nighthawk has granted Itron a nonexclusive right to promote, market and sell Nighthawk wireless power control products to its utility customers.

Nighthawk’s wireless, whole-house disconnect technology will complement Itron’s automated meter reading (AMR) data collection suite, ChoiceConnect, providing electric utilities with two-way communications capability to their customer’s meter. The utility will be able to connect, disconnect, or limit power to customers based on meter readings without rolling a truck and sending field personnel to the customer’s location. Nighthawk’s one-way CEO700 and two-way CEO800 series of disconnect units will enable the Itron team to tailor the best solution for their customers. Nighthawk’s collar-based solutions fit directly behind the Itron-equipped meter allowing for virtually seamless integration of a remote disconnect solution for either existing or new customers.

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