New Tool Allows Utilities to Get a Better Understanding of How Customers Use Energy

E Source has launched the Residential Customer Insights Center, an easy-to-use database that helps utilities gather information about their customers’ energy use, behavior, and attitudes toward conservation. The tool includes four years of comprehensive data collected through E Source’s partnership with The Nielsen Company, and it allows utilities to build a nearly endless number of tables that draw on state-, region-, or utility-specific data about their customers.

Every year, The Nielsen Company surveys approximately 32,000 US households through its Energy Audit Survey, which focuses on how customers consume and conserve energy. The resulting data set includes content for more than 200 variables, giving residential marketers and program managers insights into the customer segments that are most likely to participate in efficiency programs as well as information on customer satisfaction, consumers’ perceptions of their utility’s brand, and customer attitudes toward conservation. The E Source Residential Customer Insights Center also displays appliance, equipment, and electronics saturation, shedding light on residential customers’ plug loads.

“This resource provides a unique and exciting opportunity for the energy industry,” says Aleana Reeves, senior product manager of E Source residential marketing services. “There’s no other tool that provides such a deep look into the attitudes of customers and their energy-use behavior.”

Members of the E Source Residential Market Service and Customer Experience Suite can access the database at

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