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New Online System Designed to Help UI Customers Manage Electric Bills

A new online system called “My Account” is now available on www.uinet.com – the official website of The United Illuminating Company.

My Account provides free, convenient and secure access to customers’ account information and has tools to help them reduce their electricity use and save money. By registering with My Account, customers will see what affects their bill each month, track their electric usage, check account status and payment history, and most importantly, find ways to save.

“With the recent cost increases, we know our customers are trying to manage their monthly electric bills,” said Joseph Thomas, UI’s associate vice president - client fulfillment. “This new technology allows customers to look at their own electric use and better understand how their day-to-day consumption patterns actually affect their monthly bills. By better understanding their bill and what goes into it, customers can make informed decisions about their energy usage, conservation or selecting an energy supplier.”

Registration is free and easy. Visit www.uinet.com and click on My Account. Customers should have their UI bill statement handy when they register.

UI is a New Haven-based regional distribution that provides electricity and energy-related services to more than 320,000 customers in municipalities in the Greater New Haven and Bridgeport areas.

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