New Generation of Smart ERP Software for Utilities Released

Together with Microsoft, Ferranti Computer Systems has launched the MECOMS 2012 2.0 system for utilities.

MECOMS is a utilities software suite developed by Ferranti Computer Systems, a utilities technology provider since 1885. The suite is built on top of Dynamics AX, Microsoft’s flagship ERP platform and has been designated as Microsoft’s preferred utilities solution. After having won and completed successful MECOMS projects in Europe, system integrators Avanade and Accenture have brought it to the North American market, as an alternative to legacy utility systems.

Utilities face severe new challenges: the advent of smart metering and its big data requirements, increasing demands for customer service and the integration and maintenance of ageing assets. For many utilities, their current landscape of outdated and fragmented IT systems is quickly becoming untenable.

MECOMS is a new alternative to the classic big two ERP vendors on one hand, and the countless niche software packages on the other hand. It leverages Microsoft’s leading Dynamics AX ERP platform and adds a complete solution for all utility back-office processes. MECOMS covers meter reading (manual, smart and automatic), billing, credit management, CRM, asset management, performance management and more.


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