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Midwest ISO Selects OSIsoft System for Monitoring and Managing Market

The Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. (Midwest ISO) has implemented OSIsoft's PI System for monitoring and managing the Midwest Energy Market, one of the world's largest energy markets. In addition to operating the Midwest Energy Market, the Midwest ISO ensures the reliable operation of nearly 94,000 miles of interconnected high-voltage power lines that support the transmission of more than 129,000 MW of energy. The PI System enterprise data historian provides the Midwest ISO with real-time data management to enhance grid reliability and scalability, while minimizing risk.

"We rely on real-time data to deliver a reliable power system to our customers, so it is critical that our data historian provides us with the utmost performance," said Jim Schinski, CIO of Midwest ISO. "With its proven ability to handle the complexity of our interconnected system, the OSIsoft PI System provides us with the high availability and scalability that we need to operate in this competitive marketplace."

The Midwest ISO's PI System implementation will monitor 500,000 PI tags (data streams) in a High Availability (HA) configuration, interfacing to the Areva SCADA System. The Midwest ISO plans to upgrade its PI System to 600,000 data streams when its Ancillary Services Market (ASM) begins operation in mid-2008. The Midwest ISO's ASM will enable power producers to sell additional services such as regulation services, spinning and non-spinning reserves to provide even greater grid stability.

The High Availability (HA) PI System provides large-scale ISO implementations with data integrity and security, ensuring that information will be gathered, stored and available to everyone across the organization, even during unplanned maintenance or downtime. The HA PI System protects data with a redundant system and fault tolerant software that delivers interface failover, buffering and PI Server replication to enable customers to have the highest available uptime possible.

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